Autumn, mushrooms arrive

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With autumn comes the star product of the season, the mushroom. Perfect moment for lovers of this delight. And Ezcaray and its surroundings is a paradise where you can find a variety of them.

The species of boletus that are most found and most liked are – Boletus aereus – Boletus Edulis – Boletus Pinophilus – Boletus Reticulatus

How each year the Association of Friends of Ezcaray organizes the XXVIII Mycological Conference of the Villa de Ezcaray. It will be held during the first 2 weekends coinciding with the bridge on November 1. During days 1,2,3,9,10 and November 11, 2018.

Among the activities that are prepared you can:

  • Attend different talks
  • Tastings in squares and bars and restaurants in the area dishes made with mushrooms and mushrooms.
  • Mycological kitchen workshop
  • Workshops for children
  • Mycological Exhibition
  • Field trips to collect mushrooms accompanied by expert mycologists with which to know the fungi and their characteristics and collect species that can then be cooked. In addition to learning the right way to pick it up, respecting nature and thus favoring the new regeneration of species
  • Contests

This is the link where you can see the program with the program of activities https://bit.ly/2S9NKNU

These days the bars and restaurants of the town, will offer different pinchos and menus-tasting with the mushrooms as a star product.

At Casa Masip we want you to enjoy this culinary marvel, so we hope to see you and taste our mushroom menu. We also take the opportunity to invite you to stay at our hotel during your visit to Ezcaray.