Ham croquettes €7.80
Ezcaray black pudding with peppers €6.00
Acorn-fed Iberian cured ham €18.00
Foie terrine with reduced Grape Must €14.60
Sweetbreads fried with pardon peppers €12.00
King Prawn Roll wrapped in pastry, dipped in Soy Sauce €12.90
Carpaccio of Prime Beef, Parmesan Cheese and Rocket €10.60
Seasonal Summer Cuisine
Tomato tartare, Tondeluna goat cheese and basil €13.00
Mild endive with gorgonzola cheese, walnut cream and passion fruit €10.00
Roasted aubergine with Miso sauce, fresh sprouts and sesame seeds €12.00
Terrine of fresh anchovies and roasted peppers with salad and mango vinaigrette €14.00
Homemade marinated partridge pate €10.00
Cannelloni with wanton pasta, winter truffle €14.00
Tartare of fresh red tuna fillet (Balfego) and combu seaweed €18.00
Cold terrine of Campagne with rabbit, marinade with orange and lombardy (cabbge) salad €12.00
Traditional Cuisine
Caparrones (beans), Vegetable Stew, Ratatouille, Broth, Rioja-style Cod, Lamb Chops, Peppers stuffed with Meat, Sweetbreads, Lamb Shank
Summer Menu
Homemade marinated partridge pate

Tomato tartare with Tondeluna cream cheese and basil oil

Fresh seasonal beans with vegetables and child peppe

Grilled Sirloin steak with Porto sauce and roast potatoes

Idiazabal cheese cake with quince jelly and walnut crisp

35,00 €
Baked Hake with Potatoes in Piparra Pepper Juice Sauce €20.30
Confit of cod loin sprinkled with boletus powder served in chicken stock €20.30
Black Monkfish in its Juice with Boletus mushrooms €22.60
Monkfish stew with shrimp and clam sauce €24.60
Baked Hake Neck for two €30.00
Char-grilled octopus with ratte potatoes an paprika mayonnaise €15.00
Fish of the day: depending on the market… €26.00
Sirloin Steak with Foie and Mustard Sauce €20.00
Beef carrilleras on top of Potatoes cream €16.60
Pig’s Trotter off the Bone with Truffles and Boletus mushrooms €14.20
Veal Snout grilled with Port Sweet and Sour Sauce €13.50
Grilled rack of lamb chops, served in its juices, spinach and pumpkin €18.00
Lamb Charlotte with chips (shredded lamb with vegetables)  €12.00
Roast Lamb (Shoulder) (only on Sundays or on prior request) €18.00
Beef Steak (1 Kg) €40.00/Kg
“Vaca Rubia Gallega” steak, cured for four months 50,00 €/Kg
Our Game Dishes
Red Country Partridge Stewed in Red Wine/td> €18.90
Deer ragout (stewed) with mushrooms and fresh pasta €14.00
Venison Tenderloin, with Apple and Spiced Butter €20.80
Truffle pastries with Mandarin Sorbet €5.00
White Chocolate Soup and Yogurt with Strawberries €5.00
Frozen fig and prune dessert with Pestiños €5.00
Idiazábal Cheesecake, Walnut and Quince Jelly Biscuit €5.00
Millefeuille, Chocolate with Coriander, Pineapple and Coconut €5.00
Summer Fruits with Saffron and Mango Sorbet €5.00
Gingerbread, White Chocolate and Griotine cherry sauce €5.00
Mashed strawberries on Vanilla Chantilly €5.00
We would recommend a Sweet Dessert Wine.
Cheese with Rosemary from La Mancha €6.00
Smoked Idiazábal Cheese €6.00
Goats Cheese from Tondeluna €6.00
Pecorino Cured Cows Cheese (Italy) €6.00
Chips of Parmesan (Italy) €6.00
Creamy Gorgonzola €6.00
BOARD: Cheese tasting €14.00

There is a set house menu including Dessert, Bread and Wine for €17.00

Service included, + 7% VAT 
During the summer, there will be a 10% surcharge on meals in the Garden .