Ezcaray, a town with Christmas charm

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Ezcaray can boast of having many events and parties to brighten its streets, its people, and receive tourists who come to visit us, but this time we are going to focus on Christmas as they are around the corner.

If we think about it, Christmas stories are usually located in places where it is cold, almost always snowy, near the mountain. That is why we can consider Ezcaray, a charming town capable of recreating that Christmas magic. In addition, thanks to the participation of neighbors, the municipality dresses with Christmas elements, as they decorate and embellish balconies, windows and buildings. This year thanks to the contest promoted by Ferrero Rocher ‘Luce tu pueblo’, we can win special lighting, but we will know this on December 16th, when the most beautiful town in Spain is known.

We leave the link of the video recorded by the people of the town for the contest.Click to see the video. You are still in time to vote.

As every year, Christmas arrives in Ezcaray and with it the cribs or cribs, the Christmas festival and the cavalcade are repeated. On December 24th you will be able to enjoy the Infantile Living Crib in the Plaza de la Verdura, and the carols played by musicians and villagers who will tour the streets. On December 31 will have the traditional popular race “San Silvestre” to dismiss the year. The departure is at 18.00 from the Plaza del Kiosk.

Also thanks to its location, most times Christmas is interspersed with the enjoyment of snow at the ski resort of Valdezcaray and many times even the Magi come to Ezcaray skiing at the spectacular parade of Kings on January 5.

Do not hesitate, and come to Ezcaray this Christmas.