2017 Mycological Days in Ezcaray

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How can you come to advertise in our social networks this week, from this weekend and until next 4 and 5 November, may have enjoyed it in the Villa of Ezcaray XXVI Edition of the Mycological Days, organized by the Association of Friends of Ezcaray, in collaboration with the City Council of Ezcaray and the Research Technological Center of the Mushroom of La Rioja, in addition to other associations of Ezcaray and the establishments of the Villa.

This first weekend we enjoyed a talk about “Boletus. Species of edible and toxic boletus “at the hands of the outstanding mycologist “Martín López Cueto“. On Saturday, thanks to the mycological kitchen workshop, the attendees were able to go to collect their own mushrooms in the bush and acquire more knowledge at the time of the search, and at the time of cooking with “Javi Estévez“, Chef of the Restaurant La Tasquería (Madrid) and “Juanjo Perez” of the Restaurant Cocinandos de León.


After these wonderful days in a perfect mycological environment, we will spend the next weekend, November 4 and 5 to continue discovering the world of mushrooms. Those who are encouraged can go to collect mushrooms in the field accompanied by experts who help you know the fungi, the correct way to collect them or how to help the new species regeneration. Among other things. We can also enjoy tasty tastings, workshops for adults and children, competitions, conferences, exhibitions, and many prizes, as well as a concert on Saturday night.

In these dates Ezcaray congregates great amount of tourists and atmosphere by all its streets. The skewers of mushrooms and boletus you find them in all the corners and what there is to emphasize of this great variety of skewers, is that they are all to suck the fingers.

At Casa Masip we want you to enjoy this culinary wonder, so we hope to see you and you can taste our menu of mushrooms. We also take the opportunity to invite you to stay in our hotel or farmhouses on your visit to Ezcaray.


Download the program here