Plans for a weekend in La Rioja

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La Rioja is a land with many charms to discover, and very easy and comfortable to visit. It is a benchmark of wine tourism and offers many and diverse experiences.

In this post we are going to tell you different plans that you can do in your weekend Rioja. Plans for a weekend in La Rioja.

  • CALLE LAUREL: You can not be in La Rioja without visiting the famous Laurel street in Logroño. A street with a special atmosphere where you can taste the specialties of each bar accompanied by a good Rioja wine.

  • HERRADURA STREET: This time it’s in Haro, where you’ll have to go through its famous street to try the different pinchos.
  • BODEGAS: There are many wineries that you can visit in La Rioja, but one of the most visited is “Bodega Vivanco” located in Briones. This winery has a large museum of the Culture of Wine, where they will show you the methods of production, manufacture of barrels, bottles, transport, wine of the world, the history of wine, etc. Another option is to visit a smaller winery where you will be taught more closely the process of making your wine. Choose the winery you choose you should make a wine tasting, and if you go with time you can do a tasting course.
  • ACTIVITIES BETWEEN VINEYARDS La rioja has a beautiful landscape and you can take advantage of it to know the curiosities of the vineyards by bike, on horseback, by balloon, on foot, by canoe on the Ebro.

    There are many La Rioja dishes that you can taste in your meals such as chuletillas al sarmiento, potatoes with chorizo, pochas, Rioja cod, vegetable stew, etc. Also known are some haute cuisine restaurants that stand out for their top quality products and their presentation as “Venta Moncalvillo” (Daroca), “El Portal del Echaurren” (in Ezcaray), Casa Masip (Ezcaray), La Vieja Bodega (Casalarreina) ), The Cave of Doña Isabela (Casalarreina).
  • MONASTERY OF SUSO AND YUSO: This famous Monastery, cradle of Castilian, is located in San Millán de la Cogolla, which is a World Heritage Site. The Monastery of Suso, is the oldest of the 2. Here the hermits of the Middle Ages wrote in their scriptorium the first words in Spanish that are known. The Yuso Monastery hosts the Castellana language classroom and a large library.

  • SPORT:
    You will have the opportunity to do hiking and BBT routes, practice adventure sports, in the middle of an unbeatable landscape.

    A town with a lot of history where you can visit its Cathedral in which you will see the tomb of the Saint, a chicken coop with a rooster and a hen alive for one of the miracles of the Saint of this town, Domingo, who helped the Jacobean pilgrims.

    A picturesque town, famous for the quality of its hotels, for its excellent cuisine and for its ski resort “Valdezcaray”, and for the wide range of outdoor sports you can practice.

  • HARO:
    One of the best known locations in La Rioja, especially for the number of wineries that are located here. In the Barrio de la Estación you will find some of the most important wineries in La Rioja.

You can do all this staying in the beautiful village of Ezcaray </ em>, as the distances to possible destinations are not long