Autumn, discover Ezcaray

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Autumn in Ezcaray acquires some contrasts and special colors, being in the middle of the mountains, in addition to offering us wonderful gastronomic gifts such as mushrooms and mushrooms in our fields. To this, we add the possibility of being able to do many and diverse plans such as hiking, cycling, enjoying a unique moment of nature, bellowing, etc.

It is also the harvest season and very close to our Villa you can experience the culture of wine first-hand, with visits to wineries or wine museums, do tastings and walks through vineyards, or even experience the treading of the grape. And is that La Rioja and Autumn go hand in hand.


This time of year is the perfect time for lovers of this delicacy, which are increasingly more. Ezcaray and its surroundings is a paradise where you can find a great variety of them.

The boletus species that are most found and most liked are:

  • Boletus aereus
  • Boletus Edulis
  • Boletus Pinophilus
  • Boletus Reticulatus

In the bars and restaurants of Ezcaray you can enjoy the different pinchos and tasting menus with mushrooms as the star product


The bellowing comes with the drop in temperatures. It is one of the most impressive shows of the Iberian fauna, in which the male deer exhibits his best displays, his great antlers while fighting with other adversaries emitting some very gruff and characteristic bellows of this moment.

All this, in order to conquer the largest possible number of females, thus ensuring the persistence of its exclusive genetic legacy. In order to see this great show, you must maintain a minimum safety distance.


At this time of year, the Oja Valley acquires colors that are worth enjoying while discovering spectacular corners of the Valley or observing the animals in the wild, such as the deer in the rut. A paradise to enjoy with family or friends. Stroll around Ezcaray, prepare excursions and take advantage of hiking, horseback riding, bike riding, quad biking … without the need for a guide. The Wikiloc app / web is a good tool to know more details about the route you are going to do, although in Ezcaray there are different companies to carry out tours with a professional guide who will guide you through the paths and teach you all the curiosities. You can contact a href=””>Danitguia or Silvestres Ezcaray These guides offer different tailor-made tours.


It is a good time to enjoy some of the villages near Ezcaray that have great attraction, and take advantage of their tranquility.

Near Ezcaray you can also visit towns with a lot of charm and history such as Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

In short, Ezcaray is an extraordinary place to enjoy this time of year. Don’t think twice and book accommodation at our Hotel.