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Autumn arrives in Ezcaray, that beautiful corner nestled in La Rioja, with a unique magic.

Its cobblestone streets and stone buildings are transformed into a canvas of autumn. With its golden leaves that crunch underfoot and the aroma of burning wood in the chimneys, Ezcaray becomes a true autumn paradise. From Casa Masip we want to make you participate in this small autumn paradise.

One of the main attractions of autumn in Ezcaray is its spectacular range of colors. The trees that surround the town are dyed in warm tones, creating a landscape that seems straight out of a story. The oaks, chestnuts and beeches are dressed in yellow, red and orange leaves, and the contrast with the intense green of the meadows and mountains is  impressive. If you stay at Casa Masip you will only have to come and enjoy. We will have your room ready and the best cuisine in the area, so you can just relax and walk along the paths that wind through the surrounding forests. We assure you a magical experience during this time of year. The Sierra de la Demanda reaches one of its most special moments of the year.

In addition to the natural beauty, autumn in Ezcaray also brings with it a series of traditions and festivals that make the visit even more special. One of the most notable events is the Mycological Days, where the mushroom is the protagonist. On these days there are different activities prepared:

  • Attend different talks
  • Tastings in squares and bars and restaurants in the area dishes made with mushrooms,
  • Mycological cooking workshop
  • Workshops for children
  • Mycological Exhibition
  • Trips to the countryside to collect mushrooms accompanied by expert mycologists to learn about mushrooms and their characteristics and collect species that can then be cooked. In addition to learning the correct way to collect it, respecting nature and thus favoring the new regeneration of species.
  • Competitions

Also at this time the Transhumance Festival takes place, celebrating the ancient tradition of moving livestock from the mountains to winter pastures in the valleys.

Gastronomy , as we have mentioned before, also plays an important role in the autumn of Ezcaray. The mushroom season begins, the star product of the season. Local restaurants offer delicious dishes made with these fresh and tasty ingredients. In both our Restaurant and our Bar, you can enjoy the best cuisine in the area. Let us take care of you and make you feel at home!

Ezcaray is known for its hospitality. It is common to see groups of friends and families enjoying meals outdoors in the town squares, sharing a good conversation and a glass of wine if possible.

The autumn climate of Ezcaray is ideal for lovers of outdoor activities. Trails through the forests and mountains offer opportunities for hiking, biking and bird watching. At Casa Masip we will help you by guiding you with the best trails and paths depending on the activity you want to do. It is also a perfect time to enjoy wine tours through the region’s vineyards and taste local wines, which have achieved international recognition.

Autumn in Ezcaray is a unique season in which nature, culture and gastronomy offer an unforgettable experience. Its colors, traditions and hospitality make this corner of La Rioja an essential destination. So, call us and make a reservation for you and your partner or come with your family and friends to our Rural house, Casa Zaldierna. In this you can enjoy a beautiful house to enjoy a few days in a group.

Come see us at Casa Masip, in Ezcaray.