Autumn in Ezcaray

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Autumn begins, a wonderful season in Ezcaray

Autumn is coming soon and we will remember it as if it were several months ago. Ezcaray takes center stage due to the scenic beauty of its surroundings. The mountain range of demand offers us a change of colors in the landscape of immeasurable beauty.

In addition, high mushroom seaso where mycology takes on a leading role in our environment, not only for going out for a quiet walk and collecting some mushrooms, but also for the gastronomic offer that the environment will offer you during the autumn.

  • Ragut Stew with Chanterelles and Fresh Pasta
  • Assortment of Glazed Mushrooms with Gravy
  • Scallop with Cauliflower and Boletus
  • Roasted monkfish with boletus and rosemary
  • Sea and Mountain, Boletus, Grilled Squid and Sweet and Sour Meat

From Casa Masip we want to invite you to get to know Ezcaray, its forests, its surroundings, its fresh atmosphere, with its first rains and those first autumn walks. For this we have prepared for you our charming Hotel with all the comforts you may need when visiting this beautiful town in La Rioja. Also, as we mentioned before, we want you to enjoy our cuisine, both in the restaurant and in the bar.

You can come as a couple, you can come in a group, weekend or weeks, since we have a super cozy rural house that you will love to come with a group of friends or family. Casa Zaldierna is called and is at your disposal. Click here to see photos of the rural house and its location. If you are going to come as a couple, we recommend that you stay in our Hotel where we will take care that you are more comfortable.

We are waiting for you this fall to come and collect mushrooms with us!