The Masip family has been running Bar Masip since December 1982. It is well known and traditional in Ezcaray due to its spectacular counter carpeted with tapas, casseroles and pinchos. There are also dining tables where you can enjoy traditional cuisine served up by Vicenta, the heart and soul of Casa Masip: unforgettable dishes such as caparrones, vegetable stew, croquettes, stuffed peppers, chocolate tart, etc.

It is a privilege to be able to enjoy Vicenta's traditional cooking and her son Pedro's up-to-the-minute, harmonious cuisine all under the same roof.

Tapa Ración
House Specialities
Spanish omelette with red hot pepper €1,70 €5,00
Ham croquettes €1,20 €7,00
Musseels with bechamel sauce €1,20 €6,00
Red peppers stuffed with meat €2,20 €4,40
Red hot peppers stuffed €2,20
Chicken breast with bechamel sauce €2,20 €6,00
Stuffed tomatoes €2,20
Stuffed artichokes €2,20
Aubergine stuffed with green pepper, bacon and cheese €2,20
Poached eggs with bechamel sauce €2,20
More Tapas
Eggs stuffed with tuna €1,70
Txaca €1,70
Green pepper with anchovy and red hot pepper €1,70
Potatoes with al – oli sauce €3,00
Black sausage fried or chorizo €1,70
Green peppers fried €1,50
Fresh anchovy in vinegar €1,00 €6,00
Anchovy coated in batter €1,00 €6,00
Assorted sandwiches: ham and cheese, tuna, vegetable €2,00
Assorted green chili peppers and gherkins in vinegar €1,60 €2,20
Squid Batter €8,00
Battered cod €2,00
Normal salad €5,00
Mix big salad €12,00
Mix Individual salad €7,00
Large tomato salad €14,00
individual tomato salad €7,00
Vegetables mixture stewed €6,00
Vegetables salad with mayonnaise €6,00
Tomatoe salad €10,00
Garlic and bread soup €6,00
Rousted mushroom (boletus edulis) €14,00
Leek and cheese pie €9,00
Potatoes stewed with chorizo €8,00
Red beans stewed with vegetables and meat €10,00
Paella (only on Sunday) €10,00
Lamb stewed €10,00
Meatballs €10,00
Lamb chops €14,00
Beef steak with chips €10,00
Loin coated in breadcrumbs with chips €8,00
Cod with red pepper and tomato €12,00
Tuna with tomato sauce €12,00
Lamb feet €14,00
Lamb tripes €10,00
Lamb innards €10,00
Fried eggs with chips €6,0
Fried eggs with ham €8,00
Black sausage with green peppers €7,00
Manchego cheese €7,00
Cured ham €10,00
Peppers of Padrón €4,00
Prices include VAT. 20% Hill be added to service in the terrace