Bellowing and harvest in Ezcaray

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Autumn time of harvest and the bellowing, and from Casa Masip we want to highlight the season.

From Casa Masip we want to value the autumn season. At this time two very important phenomena take place in La Rioja, the bellowing of the deer and the grape harvest..


The bellowing is the mating period of the deer and lasts approximately one month depending on the area. It is a precious phenomenon when visiting our forests, as the deer produces a guttural sound to take over the territory and, of course, the females.

All this phenomenon usually occurs in the areas where the females go to drink. In the Ezcaray valley there are many areas where these encounters can be seen, which make us enjoy wild nature in its purest form.

berrea del ciervo

From Casa Masip we want to offer you our hotel and our rural house to enjoy this moment, there are very close routes, even guides that will advise us where to look for this phenomenon.
When this phenomenon occurs in La Rioja, we can do it surrounded by a gastronomic offer.

In the menu of our restaurant we have nods to the bellowing season offering our game meats and all kinds of seasonal meats. Not only that, but our menu in autumn is a reference of products from the region where you can taste the best meats, vegetables and legumes from La Rioja, paired with our best product, wine.


Wine is precisely the protagonist in autumn as well. At this time the grapes for wines and spirits are collected, this collection is called vintage. When grapes are picked for another purpose it is simply called harvest.
The harvest period is from August to October depending on the area, it usually begins in the low Rioja. The harvest is the moment of balance between sugars and acids, taking into account that each wine will have a different balance.

To talk about La Rioja is to talk about wine and therefore in autumn we will talk about the grape harvest. Logroño annually celebrates festivals in honor of wine. Throughout the region there are celebrations of all kinds accompanied by the best gastronomy of each region.



The harvest is a long process that begins in the vineyards and ends in the wineries. It is a period that lasts about 40 days depending on the weather. For the harvest like this, large curved knives called croquets are used. These grapes are stored in wicker baskets that can carry between 10 and 20 kg of grapes.

In Haro there are the most prestigious wineries in the country and the harvest is celebrated in San Mateo, changing the situation of the festivities every year so that the entire region participates and encourages the party. As a curious fact in Logroño bunches from all the regions where the first musts are extracted are strolled in the harvest, children are in charge of taking this walk.

Harvesting is more than a harvesting process, it is a way of life that identifies Riojans. It is a tradition that leaves our borders and is known worldwide. As always at Casa Masip we want to offer you our house so that you can come and enjoy the harvest as a couple or as a family and of course all its folklore.

We wait for you at Casa Masip.