Casa Masip, gastronomic hotel

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Discover a charming gastronomic hotel where you can eat and rest in La Rioja. At Casa Masip you have it all, accommodation and gastronomy

When planning a getaway we must focus on our free time. In making it full of things that we cannot do in our day-to-day, in other words, focusing on enjoying and disconnecting from the routine.

At Casa Masip we want to take care of that, that you enjoy. We are not going to simply offer you a bed or a plate of food. At our gastronomic hotel we want you to feel better than at home. We want to take care that you rest, that your room is comfortable and warm and with good views and that you don’t have any worries.

We want simply getting up and having breakfast to be a unique experience in your getaway, we would like that when you return from skiing or walking or riding your bike, you feel truly on vacation.

In our restaurant you can enjoy the best representative dishes of the area. For example, an assortment of glazed mushrooms in meat juice with potatoes and truffles or take a “walk through our menu” with the tasting menu.

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You can also enjoy classic dishes from Rioja cuisine such as peppers stuffed with meat or cod a la Rioja. At Casa Masip we try to orient ourselves according to the time of year to be able to enjoy seasonal products such as mushrooms or forest fruits.

There is another way we have to make you feel comfortable. If you are one of those who prefer to travel with your family or friends, we recommend Casa Zaldierna, it is a beautiful rural house with an architecture perfectly integrated with nature and the environment. It has capacity for eight people where it has four bedrooms at your disposal and all kinds of services included.

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