Casa Masip restaurant, an experience

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In our Restaurant, tradition and modernity are combined, always based on the quality of the raw materials.

In our Casa Masip, tradition and modernity are combined, always based on the quality of the raw materials.

The root of everything we offer you is born in the kitchen of our restaurant. Our love for detail and for making you have a good experience is also born from our dishes.

Without our restaurant we would not be able to convey our passion for cooking, for the natural products of our area, for our selection of mushrooms, for making you have an unforgettable experience.

We do not want to offer a complicated kitchen but to take the best products hat we have around us in the most avant-garde and modern way. For example, have you tried our Ezcaray black pudding with peppers? If we did not think about offering the best we would never have found this starter.

We make a homemade foie that you can hardly find anywhere else. How not to mention our famous croquettes, a pleasure for the palate. These dishes to mention some of our starters. Mushrooms are also a star dish at Casa Masip, we do not say so but the most respected national guides in the culinary sense. We want you to come and try our products, our dishes, so that your experience here is authentic from La Rioja.

Can you imagine a wanton pasta cannelloni with cheese and truffle with a surprise that we prefer you to come and see? If we didn’t throw ourselves into our passion, these dishes would never exist. What we want is to share it with you so that your experience at Casa Masip is synonymous with Ezcaray and La Rioja.

Are you traditional? You will enter through the main door of Casa Masip where we will offer you our mythicals peppers stuffed with meat with our baked hake with which we are going for a note

Come and meet us, to know our meat menu where we have a wide range of maturing meats and traditional stews. We take our work very seriously and our only reward is that you like it. Whether you have a sweet tooth or if you can do without a dessert, you will have to try one of ours and to give you an example of what we can give you, imagine a donut stuffed with truffle and tangerine, appetizing, right?

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