This Christmas, Gastro Tourist experiences will be the star gift

Christmas is coming, and we have to think about what to give. At Casa Masip we want to offer you some original gifts, experiences, so that you can enjoy them with your family, your friends or whoever you decide to give the experience that we are going to offer you.

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Autumn and mycology in Ezvcaray

Autumn has arrived, one of our favorite seasons of the year. Ezcaray and its surroundings, the Sierra de la Demanda and its surroundings come to life in a spectacular way. It is a particularly good area for the development of mycology, which in other words is the ideal place to go for mushrooms. The area has a wide variety of mushrooms and fungi and the hotel industry in the area is complicit in this phenomenon.

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Autumn begins, a wonderful season in Ezcaray

Autumn is coming soon and we will remember it as if it were several months ago. Ezcaray takes center stage due to the scenic beauty of its surroundings. The mountain range of demand offers us a change of colors in the landscape of immeasurable beauty.

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We are looking forward to festivals and at Ezcaray we know it and we want you to come and enjoy it.

It seems that we are finally leaving behind restrictions and limitation of activities. The Ezcaray Valley has always been characterized by organizing festivals of all kinds, both gastronomic fairs and music festivals.

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Give experiences, give time, experiences and memories. Surprise your mother with one of our experiences that we have specially prepared to make it unforgettable

Today the offer of gifts that we can give our mothers is unlimited and here we are not going to talk about online purchases. What we are going to do is recommend you give an experience to your mother, this is an experience at Casa Masip.

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At Casa Masip you can rest, eat well, be in contact with nature…

In these times where we do not see tranquility on the news, we have to find our own moments of peace and tranquility. One of the best ways to enjoy a quiet weekend is to get in touch with nature, rest, eat well, appreciate the gastronomy of a place and we would love to recommend Casa Masip..

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Ezcaray is a Rioja town in the middle of the Sierra de la Demanda, where nature and its gastronomy are the protagonists.

It seems that at the beginning of the year we all set ourselves new resolutions and also one of them is usually to travel a little more, get to know our surroundings, get to know other regions and above all those delicious getaways that are so pleasant in our country. Its different territories, its forests, its gastronomy, we have much to discover.

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