10% VAT is included in the price of the dishes.


All the variety of Mushrooms with which we work have their health registration


Ham croquettes €12.00
Black sausage with green peppers €10.00
Iberic Ham €24.00
Micuit Foie terrine with reduction of grape juice €19.80
Prawn Roll of brie with soya sauce €15.40
Sirloin Carpaccio with Parmesano Cheese €16.00
Sweetbreads fried with Padrón Peppers €18.00
Traditional Cuisine
Red Beans stewed, Vegetable Stew, Vegetables mixture, Soup Castellana, Pisto, Ratatouille, Broth, Rioja-style Cod, Lamb Chops, Red Peppers stuffed with Meat, Sweetbreads, Lamb Shank, Lamb feet, lamb in souce
Summer Menu
“Appetizer of the house”

Fresh Roasted Artichoke with cured Iberic ham and a “Romesco” (Rosemary) sauce on the side.

Canelloni with Cameros’cheese and Winter Bla (melanospuorum)”Venison Loins with Apple and Butter of Spice

Torrija de Brioche caramelizada con sorbete de leche merengada

50,00 €
Roasted hake with Potatoes and Piaparras Sauce €24.00
Monkfish stew with shrimp and clam sauce €30.00
Oven Hake rape for two €44.00
Char-grilled octopus with Ratte potatoes and paprika mayonnaise €22.00
Char-roasted baby monkfish with pot-roast potatoes and ajilimójili pepper sauce< (for 2 person) €44.00
Grilled wild turbot; (for 2-3 person) €74.00
Fish of the day: depending on the market… €26.00
Beef Sirloin with Foie and Mustard Sauce €30.00
Beef carrilleras on top of Potatoes cream Fina de Apio €20.50
PorkTrotter with Truffles and Boletus €17.85
Grilled beef steak ( 1Kg) 50,00€/Kg
Grilled Beef Chump Chop  Rubia Gallega 65,50€/Kg
Our Game Dishes
Red Country Partridge Stewed in Red Wine €24.00
Picked Red Country Partridge with mushrooms €24.00
Venison loins with Apple and Spiced Butter €26.00
Truffle pastries with Mandarin Sorbet €5.00
White Chocolate Soup and Yogurt with Strawberries €5.00
Frozen fig and prune dessert with Pestiños €5.00
Idiazábal Cheesecake, Walnut and Quince Jelly Biscuit €5.00
Millefeuille, Chocolate with Coriander, Pineapple and Coconut €5.00
Summer Fruits with Saffron and Mango Sorbet €5.00
Gingerbread, White Chocolate and Griotine cherry sauce €5.00
Mashed strawberries on Vanilla Chantilly €5.00
We would recommend a Sweet Dessert Wine.
Cheese with Rosemary from La Mancha €6.00
Smoked Idiazábal Cheese €6.00
Goats Cheese from Tondeluna €6.00
Pecorino Cured Cows Cheese (Italy) €6.00
Chips of Parmesan (Italy) €6.00
Creamy Gorgonzola €6.00
BOARD: Cheese tasting €14.00

There is a set house menu including Dessert, Bread and Wine for €17.00

Service included, + 7% VAT 

During the summer, there will be a 10% surcharge on meals in the Garden .