Christmas in ezcaray

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During the Christmas days there are many activities you can do and enjoy in Ezcaray, a town with a lot of beauty nestled between mountains, which recreates the magic of these days. Well known is its fantastic cuisine or its famous blankets, but today we are going to focus on other aspects that make Ezcaray a Villa to enjoy this Christmas.

Valdezcaray Ski Resort

You can ski with family and friends. What better time for the little ones in the house to learn or improve to slide down the mountain.
You can see more information about the station at


If you are one of those who want to take a good walk while you contemplate the wonders of nature you have different routes from Ezcaray. One of them is the road of Herradura, also known as “Camino de las Aldeas” along the course of the Oja River. You can start from the road of the Ezcaray Mill and walk along the old roads that connect the villages of Zaldierna, San Anón, Azarrulla and Posadas.


living infantile baby

How each year, on December 24 Ezcaray recreates a living nativity scene in the Plaza de la Verdura. Everything starts with a round of Christmas carols through the streets played by musicians and neighbors of the town and ends in the Plaza de la Verdura.

Craft Cribs

Since a few years ago, Juan Luis Pérez, a resident of Ezcaray, makes us enjoy an artisanal crib with movement, which he builds in the Café Central de Ezcaray. This nativity scene is set in this area of ​​the Oja Valley at the beginning of the 20th century. Another artesenal nativity scene that we want to highlight is Ángel Arechinolaza, which can be visited on Sundays in the El Fuerte building.

Popular Race “San Silvestre”

What better way to dismiss the year than with a popular race on December 31. The tour begins at the Plaza del Kiosco.

Kings Parade

The whole Villa de Ezcaray is turned over so that it was spectacular, so from Casa Masip we invite you to enjoy it the night of January 5th.