Ideal accommodation for hikers in Ezcaray

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Ezcaray thanks to its strategic situation, surrounded by mountains, a renowned cuisine and possible cultural visits make it a perfect place for hiking enthusiasts. And not only this sport also others such as ascents, trekking, cycling, climbing …; We propose a trip through the paths and paths that connect towns and villages.

Depending on your physical condition, your spare time or season where you are, you can choose from different options for hiking in the High Oja: Trails short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul.

Sierra Demand offers numerous trails with breathtaking scenery for hikers of different levels, so do not be doubt do have the level you have. If you think need to take a monitor to guide you or organize the route you click on the links below.

If you feel like doing a route but you don’t dare to do it, you can always count on professionals in the field so that you feel safe as with: Danitguiasilvestresezcaray 

To practice hiking in Ezcaray and its surroundings is something fantastic.

In addition to hiking you need to stay in Ezcaray, and therefore we recommend you do at Casa Masip, by our installations, style, decor, and we could say it’s a charming hotel.

The Casa Masip hotel, a building dating from 1800, was a manor house from those they had until chapel and oratory. It is located in the central area of ​​Ezcaray, next to the Plaza de la Verdura and next to the church.

Casa Masip has a bar and a restaurant. The cuisine of our restaurant combines tradition and modernity always based on the quality of raw materials and harmony in the composition of the dishes. The restaurant menu allows us to choose, for example, some classic “caparrones” from La Rioja and an innovative baked black monkfish with shallots and trumpets.

So if you like nature, hiking and gastronomy, Ezcaray and Casa Masip is your destination.