Advantages of rural tourism

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In recent years, rural tourism has become a way of traveling that is increasingly fashionable. It is very interesting at the same time that you enjoy your holidays enjoy nature and various sports activities and as in the case of Ezcaray a gastronomic experience.

This type of trips allows you to know villages in a different and personalized way and you can do them with friends or family with whom to enjoy their customs, their gastronomy, a conversation with their people …,

The possibilities offered by rural tourism are many:

  • Disconnection

Maybe the reason why this type of vacation has become so popular is the possibility that gives you disconnection with the daily life of the city, allowing you to rest, eliminate the extrés, energy balance, etc. So we could say that this type of tourism contributes a lot to health.

  • Quality

Not to travel to a rural environment means there is no quality in the accommodation, many of the hotels or cottages have all the amenities so you do not miss anything. Despite being in a rural environment many of these accommodations have adapted and offer modern facilities with internet connection.

  • Gastronomy

This type of tourism allows you to access your own products or certain high quality products. Ezcaray has great chefs who pamper each product. It is a place with a great culinary quality that you can begin to taste in our own restaurant. We also want to highlight our friend Francis Paniego, who has 2 Michelin stars.

  • Privacy

It allows you a total and absolute privacy and much closer attention.

  • Nature

If you come to Ezcaray and travel with children you can be more in touch with nature, valleys or hills that offer not only spectacular images, but also the possibility of being able to see more closely the animals that live in the environment, so children will learn to love nature more.

  • Sports

This type of tourism allows us to do all kinds of adventure sports and nature that in the city would be quite impossible to enjoy, such as climbing, hiking, biking routes, 4 × 4 tours, skiing, horseback riding, canoeing, water skiing or fund, fishing, karting, climbing or mountaineering are some of the activities that you can take advantage of to discover.etc …