The Berrea of ​​the Deer and Mycological Days in Ezcaray

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Berrea and the main mushrooms in Ezcaray

In October, Ezcaray acquires a special color for its natural spectacle, for the colors of its fields, and mushrooms become great protagonists of the season. Like the deer, since it is the time when they enter into heat, a unique moment in nature, better known as “The Berrea del Deer”.

Deer Berrea

The bellowing, is one of the most impressive spectacles of the Iberian fauna, in which the male deer exhibits its best showings, its great antlers while fighting with other adversaries emitting very bronzed and characteristic twists of this moment.

All this, in order to conquer as many females as possible, thus ensuring the persistence of their exclusive genetic legacy. To be able to see this great show you have to keep a minimum safety distance.

Mycological Days

With autumn comes the star product of the season, the mushroom. Perfect time for lovers of this delight. And Ezcaray and its surroundings is a paradise where you can find a variety of them.

How the Mycological Days arrive at Ezcaray every year, this time with its XXVIII edition. It will be held on weekends from November 1 to November 9 and November 10, and is organized by the “Friends of Ezcaray Association”.

These conferences include conferences, collection, exhibitions and tastings of mushrooms, which are complemented, with special menus made with mushrooms in the restaurants of Ezcaray, as in Casa Masip. Outings to the mountain with expert mycologists allow to know the fungi and their characteristics, learn and practice the correct way of collection, respecting the habitat and favoring the regeneration of species


  • Day 02, at 7:00 p.m., conference in the multipurpose room of the City Council by CIBIR biologist Marcos Vilariño.
  • Day 03, at 7:00 p.m., mycological cooking workshop with tasting at “La Arboleda del Sur”.
  • Day 10 at 19.00 p.m., taller de cocina micológica con degustación en “La Arboleda del Sur”.
  • Day 10, leaving at 08.00 hours from the Plaza del Quiosco and throughout the day, data collection by the surrounding mountains in organized groups guided by expert mycologists and mountaineers.
  • Day 11, from 11.00 in the Plaza de la Verdura, exhibition of the different species collected. From 1:00 p.m., next to the exhibition, tasting of meals cooked at the moment by expert cooks and watered with good Rioja wine. Also, throughout the morning of the 11th in the Plaza del Quiosco, the habitat of the children’s mushrooms, the exhibition of the work done by the students of the San Lorenzo School and the activities and workshops for the enjoyment of the little ones.

In Casa masip we help you organize your days in Ezcaray. From the accommodation in our charming hotel or in our Rural house, we provide routes to enjoy the nature that surrounds us and we advise you about our gastronomy