We are in a difficult situation for all of us, in which traveling is impossible for us, and we hope that in the new normality that awaits us we can once again enjoy ourselves in the same way that we enjoyed before places like Ezcaray.

Therefore, today we have thought to talk a little about our Villa, to try to move to those corners with so much charm, so that you can get to know our gastronomy, our typical products, …
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Ezcaray is a town with many events, and in this post we are going to tell you some of the plans you can do during this year in ezcaray, and so you can choose at the moment that comes knowing that wonderful plans await you to enjoy our Villa

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Ezcaray thanks to its strategic situation, surrounded by mountains, a renowned cuisine and possible cultural visits make it a perfect place for hiking enthusiasts. And not only this sport also others such as ascents, trekking, cycling, climbing …; We propose a trip through the paths and paths that connect towns and villages. Continue reading

Ezcaray has charm in any season of the Year. But autumn makes it really more attractive because of the contrast of autumn colors that cover its landscapes. You can live a few days of autumn without leaving Ezcaray and enjoy its magnificent cuisine, its streets and its people and its nature. So if you want to know more about this season of the year in Ezcaray we propose some options.
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Today we bring a little history of our Villa Do you want to know the origins of  Ezcaray?

The first tests found that show that there was settlement in this area belong to the Neolithic. Prehistoric remains such as “polished axes” or a cave-room “in Valgañón. Later the Celtiberian people of the Autrigones settled in the lower area of ​​the Sierra de la Demanda, giving rise to the Basque toponymy.
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