Learn about CASA Masip’s specialties

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Since December 1982, the Masip family runs the Bar Masip, a well-known and traditional bar in Ezcaray. If you come to this charming town, you cannot stop trying their tapas, casseroles and pinchos.

At Casa Masip you will enjoy the traditional cuisine of Vicenta, the alma mater of Casa Masip with the updated and avant-garde of its chef Pedro Masip.

All the skewers are classics of the Casa Masip bar, of which we make significant amounts, many are very laborious, but we do them with such enthusiasm


Today we tell you about our Bar specialties:

  • Poached eggs with besamel:

Eggs wrapped in a delicious béchamel sauce constitute one of our star skewers. Eggs wrapped in a delicious béchamel sauce constitute one of our star skewers. We make 12 cartons of eggs a week each week. For its elaboration it is necessary to scald the eggs, let cool, make the besamel, cover them with besamel, let them cool again, coat them with flour and egg to fry them, in short, it has a lot of elaboration and a lot of work. It is the skewer that sells best along with chicken breasts.

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  • Ham or chicken breast with besamel:

They are delicious.For this specialty we spend more than 10 kg. weekly chicken breasts.

  • Spanish omelette with alegrías:

If you are a lover of potato omelets, this one will enchant you with the touch that alegrías give it.

  • Tigres:


  • Ham croquette:

Great acquaintances of Casa Masip, with a very creamy and delicate texture. A week we can spend about 60 liters of besamel in croquettes, we go a lot, it gives for more than 2,000 croquettes.

  • Peppers stuffed with meat:

Homemade of a lifetime. Every week we make 10-15 kg of minced beef. There is no other like it anywhere.

  • Stuffed joys:

If you like spicy ask for this cover. They are peppers stuffed with meat very spicy

  • Filled tomatoes:

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Stuffed with tuna and egg.

  • Stuffed artichokes:


  • Ham croquette:

They are less known and less made. Stuffed with york ham, egg and bonito.

  • Eggplants stuffed with green pepper, bacon and cheese

Also among our specialties in RATIONS we have:

  • Masip meatballs: very rich beef.
  • Leek and cheese cake
  • Boletus sautéed with garlic and parsley
  • Squalls
  • Potatoes Riojana’s style
  • Callos/Asadurillas
  • Leg of lamb.

It is a privilege to be able to enjoy in the same house the traditional Riojan cuisine that Vicenta prepares and the updated and harmonious cuisine of his son Pedro.