Ezcaray hosted the gastronomic festival ‘MAMA’

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On August 23, 24 and 25 we celebrated in Ezcaray the I Ezcaray Gastronomic festival “Mama Festival”, in which tribute was paid to the traditional cuisine of our mothers, to the artisans and collectors of the Oja Valley

In those days we were able to enjoy presentations, tastings, artisan markets, live musical performances, exhibition of photographs, tastings, and a popular croquettes contest, said contest in honor and memory of “Marisa Sánchez”, of the Echaurren Restaurant.

Francis Paniego himself, the main organizer of this Festival, said “we have brought haute cuisine closer to people paying homage to our mothers and defending life in the villages”

The Artisan Market and the products of the Earth, was necessary in this Festival, since if there is no market with quality products there is no good cuisine. We could discover this Market through the streets of Ezcaray.

The gastronomic critic Rafael García Santos conducted the presentations of the second day of the Ezcaray Mama Festival. During this weekend we have been able to enjoy 16 presentations of chefs really outstanding in the National scope:

  • Ángel León, Dani García, Paco Morales, Xanty Elías, Pedro Sánchez, Juanlu Fernández, Mario Jiménez Córdoba, Dani Carnero


  • Francis Paniego, Ignacio Echapresto, Carolina Sánchez, Iñaki Murua, Juan Carlos Ferrando y los heladeros Fernando Sáenz y Angelines González.

Some have explained their reinterpretations of their mothers’ dishes, others have prepared the same dishes that their mothers made for them, and others as is our case, we have cooked with our mothers. Pedro and Vicenta answered the questions of the gourmet and professor of the Basque Culinary Center, Mikel Zeberio

Casa Masip had the honor of feeding the Andalusian chefs, where they ate croquettes, milk shakers, shells, Rioja potatoes, lamb chops and cheese cake accompanied by a good Rioja and Pacharán del bueno. The Masip family were very comfortable with these great chefs as you can see in the photos

One of the most emotional moments was the tribute to the mother cooks of Ezcaray (many of them worked with Marisa) who received a warm applause from an audience delivered and standing. Next to them, there were also the young cooks of Echaurren representing a bond.

After the presentations on Saturday afternoon there was a tribute dinner to “Marisa Sánchez”, prepared by the Echaurren team and the Andalusian chefs invited to the festival, in the Arbolada del Sur.