Casa Masip gets its First SOL awarded by Repsol Guide

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Casa Masip with our chef Pedro Masip has been distinguished with 1 SOL REPSOL GUIDE this Monday, February 24th at the Gala held in San Sebastián. With this award they recognize our work and gastronomic project.

It has been a while since that chicken broiler that Pedro Masip’s parents had in Zorraquín, opened in 1975 for ten years. Then they opened the Masip Bar, for a few years later buying a house from 1800, of which they had chapel and oratory.

In August 1995, the five brothers opened the restaurant: Iñaki, Eduardo, Ángeles, Magdalena and Pedro, manager of the premises. The establishment, located next to the Plaza de la Verdura, has a charming hotel at the top of the restaurant, which offers a serious breakfast with exceptional bread.

To all this helps the phrase of our chef Pedro, “nothing comes out of nothing”. Hence his learning, his knowledge of the trade acquired from the time he spent with Ramón Ramírez in El Amparo and his great friendship with his neighbor Francis Paniego.

Pedro is a calm man, dedicated to work in a sensible and thoughtful way, as a faithful reflection of his mother. He has a sense of taste based on that facility to exalt humble products and, in addition, he is able to decontextualize the ingredients on the plate. Work with simple products, but in a serious way.

He is an instinctive cook, despite following the path of maintaining the traditional recipe book. Manage cutting-edge dishes of difficult simplicity. In addition, he does it in a delicate way, guiding for natives, vacationers, travelers and pilgrims, based on the memory of the flavors making his style of a daily symbiosis of his house and his knowledge.

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