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Spanish gastronomy is a great power in the international market.

The Spain that was formed after the civil war and after the dictatorship left us years ago in development compared to other countries in Europe.

Because Spain is a peninsula and therefore is surrounded by water and in addition to belonging to the Mediterranean countries, they make it a magnificent enclave to visit from any country.

The best known we have are our beaches and our islands and that is why we are known all over the world. But we not only have beaches, we also have an incredible inland Spain.

In recent years, tourism has evolved and now we can choose between various types of tourism such as coastal or inland or even gastronomic tourism or Sports tourism.

Spain is a key country for gastronomic tourism, due to the Mediterranean diet, the French heritage of haute cuisine and the importance of Spain today in the world of international cuisine.

Starting from that base and surrounded by the magnificent places that Spain contains, gastronomic tourism reaches levels never seen before in our country. Obviously, pre coronavirus data.

We can say that the better you eat in an area, the more you visit this place. If this area also has a beach, a ski resort, or an impressive landscape, we are assured of success.

Spain also stands out for food products that represent 17% of total Spanish foreign trade and account for 15.5% of the expenditure made by international tourists in Spain.

In addition, another of the elements that makes gastronomy have a very important economic value is that Spain has 206 restaurants with Michelin stars, one of the highest ratios on the international scene. And almost 200 restaurants awarded with a sun from the Repsol guide, as is the case of our restaurant.

After the rural exodus that took place in Spain, the towns were left empty but for some years now, they are re-investing in rural tourism and gastronomic tourism due to their great success.

La Rioja is a perfect example of what happens when combining an incredible environment with an even more incredible gastronomy. In the case of La Rioja, there are other factors such as the wine cellars, the mountains and the beauty of its towns and mountains, which greatly help national and international tourism.

In Spain, tourism accounts for 15% of the gross domestic product and on some occasions and locally exceeds this percentage.

We are lucky to live in a country that everyone wants to come and visit, whether for its beaches, its mountains, its villages or for its food. Throughout the country we have a fabulous cuisine capable of justifying any trip.

Hopefully in a few months we will be able to travel our geography safely again. Bet on national tourism.