Skiing in La Rioja

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Ezcaray is a place with great charm surrounded by nature, and its value increases if we add its ski resort, Valdezcaray, just 14 km. It is a town with a quiet environment, where after practicing your sport you can enjoy its cuisine in restaurants and bars.

Valdezcaray is a renovated and modernized station, perfect if you live in the north of Spain. The price of the ski pass is very affordable compared to the rest of the stations.

It is an ideal station to go with family or friends and is considered a good season to start skiing as it is well equipped, it is comfortable and easy for the little ones to start making their first descents, it is also important to say that the children Up to 4 years do not pay. It is a station for all types of levels, but those who will most enjoy will be those who are improving their technique and forgetting about the wedge.

Valdezcaray has 23 km distributed in 24 tracks with 9 lifts distributed throughout the station, which avoids waiting lines.

Improvements have been made for this new season, conditioning the station to offer better services, such as improving the condition of the slopes, new ski material for rent with 200 new pairs (30% of the total), removable windshields have been placed for the accumulation of snow and its subsequent distribution in the necessary areas.

Valdezcaray also hosts some important winter events such as the White Carnival, La Rioja sports games, the Ezcaray Sport Club and Ezcaray Ski Club social events, Telemark Club and Lurk Torocuervo, Ediv, and the new edition of Buen ambiente Freestyle.

If you dare to come to Valdezcaray we invite you to stay at our hotel to rest from a day of skiing and then you can enjoy its atmosphere, snacks, its streets and landscapes.

All the information about the station can be found at www.valdezcaray.es