Enjoy mycology in Ezcaray

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La Rioja is a perfect place to enjoy mycology. You have many areas for harvesting.

Autumn is finally here, not only because of the dates but also because of the temperatures and colors typical of the time. For lovers of mycology, La Rioja and more specifically the Ezcaray valley are perfect for looking for mushrooms and enjoying the wonderful surroundings of the valley.

Ezcaray is a perfect place to combine mycology with tourism in the Ezcaray valley and a gastronomy of dreams.

At Casa Masip we love this time of year where we can offer the public our most representative dishes with mushrooms such as: Assortment of glazed mushrooms with meat juice and dried fruit powder that we like for its originality and flavor or our mushroom tart which is a small tribute to the mushrooms found in the area. Not only at Masip house we treat mushrooms on these dates, it is a custom in the area that all restaurants offer their best recipes with mushrooms. It has truly become a tradition that is very well received by all the people who visit us every year.

If you have already visited us, it is likely that this time you want to repeat our Boletus Edulis with foie gras and parmesan cream … What can I tell you about this dish ….. I would eat it right now.

Let’s go back to the basics to find those mushrooms that perhaps later we are going to taste in our favorite restaurant or in our homes once we return from our getaway to La Rioja. Each species, each fungus is found in different places but we can say that in the Alto Valle del Oja, forests that cover the mountains of the Sierra de La Demanda are the places where we will find a large part of the species that this area offers.

Come and take a walk through our valley and come and try the best recipes based on mushrooms from the Ezcaray valley

As always, we wait for you at Casa Masip where we strive every day to make your experience in the valley the best possible