Ezcaray in Autumn

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Ezcaray has charm in any season of the Year. But autumn makes it really more attractive because of the contrast of autumn colors that cover its landscapes. You can live a few days of autumn without leaving Ezcaray and enjoy its magnificent cuisine, its streets and its people and its nature. So if you want to know more about this season of the year in Ezcaray we propose some options.


At this time of year the Oja Valley acquires colors that are worth enjoying while you discover spectacular corners of the Valley or observe the animals in freedom, as is the case with deer in the bellow. It is a good time to walk around Ezcaray and take advantage of hiking without a guide. The Wikiloc app / web is a good tool to know more details of the route you are going to do, although in Ezcaray there are different companies to make tours with a professional guide to guide you on the roads and teach you all the curiosities. You can get in touch with Danitguia or Silvestres Ezcaray These guides offer different tailor-made tours.


With the first rains of the season begin to find mushrooms and fungi , and the surroundings of Ezcaray are prefects to collect some bulletins …; More and more mushroom lovers.


It is a good time to enjoy some of the villages near Ezcaray that have great appeal such as the Case of Zaldierna.


How do you know, Ezcaray is a gastronomic paradise and that’s why we invite you to savor our autumn tasting menu:
Pickled partridge pate with pear chutney

Stewed trumpets with Samson wine, Iberian bacon and Tondeluna cheese

Boletus Edulis with cream of foie gras and parmesan

Ragut deer stew with chanterelles and tagliatelle

Idiazabal cheese pie with quince and nutty crunch

In Ezcaray there is a wide range of charming accommodation like Casa Masip, right in the center of the Villa. In our hotel you have all the services and amenities so you can enjoy 100% of the experience.