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What better gift than a gastrotourism experience in ezcaray? This horrible year is finally over that it has caused us so much trouble. For Casa Masip it has also been a difficult and strange year and that is why today we want to address you.

To you who are a lover of Rioja, to you who love our gastronomy, to you who like our landscapes and our surroundings, we want to encourage you to come and enjoy a great gastronomy experience.

We continue to have our rural environment based on stone, wood, landscapes and gastronomy. Our rooms continue to aim for this year 2021 more than ever you come to know them or to continue enjoying them. Also our suites are waiting for you for that special moment.



If with this confinement what he asks of you in a few months is to travel as a family, we want to ask you to visit our hotel or our house in Zaldierna, a rural house nestled in a unique environment in a small village of 20 neighbors so that you can immerse yourself in a rural environment and lovely. Here you can gather groups of up to eight people, you can focus on the environment, resting, in our kitchen.


Zaldierna house

We love to eat and feed and have been famous for it since 1982. We are known for our spectacular tapas, casseroles and pinchos. We are looking forward to serving you our caparrones, our special stew or our delicious croquettes. Whether you come to our bar to have some tapas or if you come to the restaurant, we think you will be delighted with our cuisine. This restaurant was opened to offer the true cuisine of Vicenta Pérez, the soul of our kitchen. We continue to make an effort so that everything is delicious and if you don’t come to eat with us, we won’t know what to do. We love Rioja and what we do here. The quality of our gastronomy is our hallmark.

After this very hard year in which practically no one has been able to leave home, for us it is very important that you be able to meet Ezcaray again. All the residents of the area and the surrounding towns are looking forward to having you here again. Offer you our land and our products. For one reason alone, this area is incredible and must be known to everyone. The Oja Valley, Ezcaray and its surroundings offer unparalleled landscapes and tranquility.