Give gastro-tourist experiences this Christmas

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This Christmas, Gastro Tourist experiences will be the star gift

Christmas is coming, and we have to think about what to give. At Casa Masip we want to offer you some original gifts, experiences, so that you can enjoy them with your family, your friends or whoever you decide to give the experience that we are going to offer you.

We want to offer you several options, not everyone is the same and we also want to give each one the option to choose the experience that best suits their pocket.

We want to start with a complete but at the same time affordable experience and it is sure to be much cheaper than gifts that are never used or are of no use.

We refer to our experience of a day in our Hotel and restaurant
You can take advantage of the day discovering the treasures of Ezcaray and its surroundings. After a great day you can rest in your room before going down to dinner at our restaurant, where we will have a special tasting menu prepared for you. In the menu you can taste our best dishes in the company of those who matter most to you.

The next day, take it easy you can leave the room at 4:00 in the afternoon.

If you are one of those who think that one day is not enough, we offer you the weekend pack at our Hotel. In this experience we offer you dinner in our restaurant on Friday night, accommodation for two days in our beautiful Hotel, on Saturday you can choose between eating in the restaurant or dinner, depending on your organization. Both days you can taste our delicious breakfast buffet before getting to know our beautiful surroundings in Ezcaray.

If you don’t live very far away and what you want is to return home after a nice walk, we propose to give you a unique experience in gastronomy. We have long enjoyed the recognition of some awards in our restaurant. We want to offer you a tasting menu with a wine, of course from Rioja, selected by us and that you can check from the restaurant itself the delicious dishes we prepare. At Casa Masip we try to take care of you every time you come to our house.

If you want to know more about our experiences click here

Christmas is here next door if you want you can call or write to us so that we can give you more details about these experiences. If you don’t know what to give or you don’t want to repeat yourself with the typical gift, or you simply want to do something different, experiences are a good gift. We recommend that you visit our website and take a closer look at everything we can offer you in these experiences.

Call us and we will help you organize your day or your weekend by helping you find the best places we have in Ezcaray. Remember if you are a large group or a large family, we have our rural house Casa Zaldierna available for larger groups.

Don’t let this year go by without coming to Ezcaray!