History told by Pedro Masip

The restaurant got going in August ’95. It is one of the Masip family businesses, along with the bar, the hotel and the chicken grill that we have in Zorraquín; this is the first generation.

My father (died) and my mother who is still in charge of the kitchen; they started out in Zorraquín in 1975 with a place specialising in roast chicken.

For around ten years, after which they opened Bar Masip in ’84 (Ezcaray), where we started on the tapas that have made a name for us in the villages around here and in Ezcaray.

After a few successful years starting up Bar Masip, we ventured into purchasing an ancestral home next to my parents’ house with a typical, pretty village garden to be a charming hotel. The house is a building from 1800; it was an ancestral home that used to have a chapel and an oratory.

In August ’95 we opened the Masip restaurant. It is owned by the five Masip siblings: Iñaki, Eduardo, Mª Ángeles, Magdalena and myself (Pedro).

I work as the company director and chef. My mother continues to cook, of course, she is the heart and soul of the place… My sister and brother Magdalena and Eduardo work the bar and my sister Ángeles runs the hotel and restaurant.

The Masip restaurant is in the centre of the village next to the ‘Plaza de la Verdura’close to the church.

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