La Rioja and its essentials

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La Rioja is a land that has been the subject of settlements by all the peoples that have passed through there. Calahorra has a memorable Roman past, pedestrian streets full of monuments and places of interest, such as the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace, and numerous churches and monasteries. The Arabs also left their legacy, as in the battle of Clavijo or the white horse of Santiago, giving way to a long medieval tradition.

Its monasteries are the repositories of its cultural tradition. The cultural life of La Rioja does not end in its history, but is still alive today.

In our trips through La Rioja we will be able to discover projects of avant-garde art, architecture, performing arts and of course gastronomy and oenology.

As this title is called essential, we will review the most important Romanesque in the region, it is about sanctuary buildings in which the horizontal line, the semicircular arch and the barrel vault predominate.

As essential examples we have San Millán de la Cogolla and the basins of the Oja river or Our Lady of the three sources, in Valgañón. We cannot leave out San Bartolomé in Logroño or the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

As for gastronomy and oenology, they go hand in hand, especially in La Rioja. Its wineries offer oenological and gastronomic experiences at the level of the best restaurants in Spain.

Logroño is an essential stop on the Camino de Santiago, for its rich architectural heritage and for being one of the most popular tapas areas in Spain. Laurel Street, also known as the Path of the Elephants (whoever dares with it can go out on all fours)

We also want to highlight Arnedillo, in La Rioja Baja, within the Cidacos Valley that invites us to relax in its free access thermal pools. From there we can move to Arnedo, famous for its textile sector, and it can also boast of great monuments. It also hides a secret “The cave of the hundred pillars”.

At the popular level there are a series of parties that we should not miss as soon as they are celebrated again. These are, for example, the San Bernabé festivities in Logroño that take place in June and stand out for their national tourist interest.

To finish of course, offer a visit to one of the most beautiful towns in La Rioja, Ezcaray where beauty and its gastronomy once again take center stage on every trip we make to La Rioja.

Come to La Rioja, there are many places to discover