La Rioja, eat it in bites

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Some places where you can eat the Rioja as soon as they leave us

When we talk about La Rioja, inadvertently we all think about wine, it is logical, we are talking about one of the best regions in the world related to wine. Fortunately, wine must be enjoyed with a good meal, and La Rioja is a region that is going to offer us an incredible gastronomic offer.

Desde la recetas más tradicionales hasta verdaderas maravillas que mucha gente desconoce. En este post veremos donde podemos disfrutar de esta maravillosa gastronomía.

Ahora te vamos a presentar algunos de los sitios más característicos de la Rioja, ahora sí, por su gastronomía.

There is a town called Daroca del Río where we must go to take typical products of the Rioja garden, where we can have game dishes, mushrooms or vegetables from the orchards of La Rioja. These products are three very important legs in this area. It is an area quite specialized in mycology and I guarantee that you can get very pleasant surprises with the delicious mushroom dishes that they prepare. Small game hunting in this area also has a very good reputation, I can only tell you that eating here is a gastronomic obligation.

Changing areas we go to Ezcaray, an area well known for its pinchos with a gastronomy created by garden products. The variety is extreme in this area, but you cannot leave this area without trying the caparrones, the peppers, vegetables among many of its famous dishes and skewers. The garden of the area accompanies the dishes and does not disappoint. It’s hard for me to keep writing while I think of a millefeuille with mint and red berries.

We continue our little journey by changing area and products, now we will move, for example Casa la Reina, it has well-known wineries in its surroundings, we will find haute cuisine restaurants, almost as in all of Rioja and in this area we can let our imagination fly with meats and fish. Special mention will be made of the anchovies from Santoña combined with red grapes and tomato. If what you fancy is meat, in this area perhaps you should try the lamb chops or the sweetbreads.

La Rioja may seem small but at a gastronomic level it is huge. What do you think if we go to Samaniego? It is an incredible town where we can eat any Riojan product that we want, but here the recommendation is the sweet, Rosquillas or the Famous puff pastry, the truth will be difficult to decide on a dessert.

If you think we are going to move somewhere to have some super typical dish from La Rioja, in Badarán a very appropriate place to have potatoes a la Rioja, we will not only find this dish here but we will find it throughout the region.

La Rioja is a region like no other, from north to south and from east to west we will find everything that can be eaten in La Rioja. In all the towns of La Rioja you eat spectacularly and its people will treat us as if we were family. La Rioja cannot be visited once, you will have to come back!