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Find out everything that is prepared for these mycological days

Every year, in the charming town of Ezcaray,in La Rioja, a very important event is celebrated. This attracts nature lovers, curious and passionate about gastronomy: the Ezcaray Mycological Days..

These days are much more than a simple meeting. They are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of fungi and mushrooms, and learn about their ecological and culinary importance.

Ezcaray, con su rica diversity of forest and mountain ecosystems, is the perfect place to explore mycological biodiversity.

During the Mycological Days, participants have the opportunityto enter the local forests in the company of expert mycologists. These expert guides will help you identify different species of mushrooms, explain their characteristics, and teach you how to harvest them responsibly and sustainably. At Casa Masip we want you to come spend the weekend or a few days to enjoy these autumn days.

One of the most notable aspects of these days is their focus on sustainability. Organizers promote responsible harvesting practices to preserve the balance of the ecosystem. You will learn to respect natureand leave only light footprints on your path. At Casa Masip we support and respect the environment and for us, as in the municipality, this section is very important.

Gastronomy is an essential part of the Casa Masip Mycological Days. After an exciting mushroom-picking excursion, participants can enjoy culinary workshops. This is where local chefs teach how to prepare delicious dishes with the collected mycological treasures. From simple recipes to gourmet dishes, you’ll discover how mushrooms can take your cooking to an Awesome level.

In addition to outdoor activities and cooking workshops, the Mycological Days also include conferences and educational talks. These are taught by experts in mycology. You will learn about the ecology of fungi, and their role in the ecosystem.

You can’t leave Ezcaray without visiting the mycological market, where you will find an impressive variety of fresh and dried mushrooms. You can also find related products, such as books and utensils for harvesting and cooking. Totally recommended.

The Ezcaray Mycological Days are an enriching experience that will connect you with nature and local culture. Or you are simply looking for a unique experience, mark these days on your calendar.

Do you want to download the program of the Ezcaray mycological conferences?

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Activities by area

We are waiting for you at Casa Masip to explore the world of mushrooms in an unforgettable weekend!

Remember that whether you come with your family, friends or your partner, at Casa Masip we will take care of you at the hotel, or in our Rural house, Casa Zaldierna.

Go ahead and come see us at Casa Masip, in Ezcaray.