Mycology in Ezcaray

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Autumn and mycology in Ezvcaray

Autumn has arrived, one of our favorite seasons of the year. Ezcaray and its surroundings, the Sierra de la Demanda and its surroundings come to life in a spectacular way. It is a particularly good area for the development of mycology, which in other words is the ideal place to go for mushrooms. The area has a wide variety of mushrooms and fungi and the hotel industry in the area is complicit in this phenomenon.

At this fall we will celebrate as always our exquisite mythological days where you can come to taste the most original dishes in which you will find an ingredient such as mushrooms, in all its variety.

Both in our restaurant and in our bar the menu will offer some dishes truly based on our best experiences.
If you are one of those who like to go mushroom picking, we encourage you to come to Ezcaray for a weekend. So get to know the environment, and if you already know it, enjoy it again. A getaway is always good.

In our Hotel you will find the necessary peace to rest and enjoy our gastronomy. If what you want is to organize a mycological excursion with your family or friends, we recommend that you visit our rural house, Casa Zaldierna, so that you can find yourself in Ezcaray as if you were at home.

Do not hesitate to call us this fall to find out about any details of your weekend stay, or the time you want. We are at your disposal.

This year, if you feel like going mushroom hunting, you won’t regret visiting Ezcaray, an area where people enjoy and understand mycology and where you can enjoy incredible seasonal cuisine with mushrooms. From our creamy rice with freshly harvested boletus, baked boletus, sautéed and also the new recipes that we incorporate each season with different types of mushrooms.

Come to Casa Masip don’t miss this fall!