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Ezcaray has a wide variety of routes for hiking, mountain bike routes, etc. Therefore, today we are going to tell you some of the most interesting itineraries with unbeatable views.


To start this beautiful route you will cross the bridge over the river Oja, from Ezcaray, taking the road to Las Aldeas and then take the Paseo de los Estudiantes, to later turn off along the old Turza road, in 500 m you will be in the forest of Turza Where you will walk among a variety of trees and shrubs. Following the route you will see on the left the rock of San Torcuato, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Allende. To descend you can do it by the San Torcuato rock and reach Ezcaray by the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Allende or descend to Turza and by the GR 98 return to Ezcaray for a pleasant walk; or finally follow the proposed route passing through the shelter of Bonicaparra.

Vía Verde del OJA

This road goes from Casalarreina to Ezcaray, is what corresponded to the old railway line. You will be able to enjoy the hillsides of the Valley and the towns that you will see as you pass. This route has a slope of about 370 m, which makes it an easy road, although the total distance is 28 km. In this route, the variety of fruit trees, beech, pine, etc. stand out.
En esta ruta destacan la variedad de frutales, hayedos, pinos, etc.

Camino de herradura de Ezcaray

This route runs through the Ezcaray valley along the course of the Oja river. The route begins in Ezcaray and ends in Posadas. The return is done exactly the same way. It is a very simple way, in which its greatest hardness consists of distance, they are more than 10 km one way and others as many back. The layout coincides with the old bridle paths that linked the different villages around Ezcaray. During this beautiful tour we will visit Zaldierna, San Antón, Azarrulla and Posadas, while we cross by the different streams of El Chorro, Boceiza, La Horquijada, it is in the Cenáticas stream where we will start our way back to Ezcaray.

Monte San Lorenzo

If you want to feel at the top of La Rioja, you have to go to the top of San Lorenzo peak. It is the highest peak of the Sierra de la Demanda, and is also the highest peak of La Rioja, with a height of 2271 meters, therefore, it is a well-known and admired mountain. It is perfect for mountaineers and hikers. The total length of the route is 15.22 kilometers and it has an accumulated altitude of about 950 meters. There are several roads that lead to this summit. You can start your route from “Urdanta” on the north side, or from the Monastery of Valvanera, on the south side, or there are also routes from the Valdezcaray ski resort itself, and there we park the car. The route is not signposted, so although it does not present difficulties and is classified as moderate, it is convenient to take the track to avoid unnecessary situations.

The app / web Wikiloc is a good tool to know more details of the route you are going to do, but if you want to go in a group with a professional who guides you on the roads and show you all the curiosities you can contact Danitguia or Silvestres Ezcaray

If you wish, we will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy a splendid mountain day.