Start 2023 with a getaway to Ezcaray

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The year 2023 begins and what better way to start the year than to take a short getaway to the Ezcaray Valley..

In terms of making a getaway, the Sierra de la Demanda offers many possibilities when planning a weekend. Whether as a couple, with family or with friends, the plans offered by the Valley are for all tastes.

As activities we want to propose you hiking, mountain biking and at this time of course skiing. The Valdezcaray ski resort offers a set of slopes and facilities of the highest level, making it very interesting to be able to combine tourism in La Rioja with the sport of skiing. Our area is very used to receiving athletes, so we know how to receive you.

Every getaway needs a convenient place to stay. If you have done the plan as a couple, you will need a Hotel as nice and cozy as Casa Masip. We offer you a complete accommodation and restaurant experience. In addition, the next day you can get up late since you have time until 4:00 p.m.

From Casa Masip we offer you different experiences:

  • Complete accommodation and restaurant experience with a menu consisting of five courses and Rioja wine.
  • If what you want is to stay the whole weekend, choose an experience with accommodation for two nights, one dinner and one lunch in our restaurant for each of the days.
  • Even if you cannot stay the night, we offer you a tasting menu during the weekend that we are sure you will love. Or were you thinking of visiting La Rioja without eating some roasted peppers or meat from the area?

Are you coming with friends?

If you have decided to do this getaway with friends, we should tell you about Casa Masip, a beautiful rural house with four bedrooms that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. It is a beautiful stone house that perfectly reflects the architecture of the area.

If you want to know more about our rural house click here

It is always a good time to take a getaway to La Rioja.

And of course, much better if you do it with Casa Masip where we will know how to take care of you, give you what you are looking for in this getaway, and provide you with a cozy stay for you to rest and enjoy.