Ezcaray is a Rioja town in the middle of the Sierra de la Demanda, where nature and its gastronomy are the protagonists.

It seems that at the beginning of the year we all set ourselves new resolutions and also one of them is usually to travel a little more, get to know our surroundings, get to know other regions and above all those delicious getaways that are so pleasant in our country. Its different territories, its forests, its gastronomy, we have much to discover.

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It is not because we say so, but Ezcaray is one of the most charming Villas in La Rioja . So if you want to take a trip and get to know a beautiful town this is your destination. In this post we tell you why Ezcaray is a town that invites you to get lost among its magnificent corners. It has a long history that we will discuss in another post.
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