Our children are on vacation and the best thing we can do as parents is to actively enjoy the holidays with them. After a difficult year, it is already summer, at this time of year we all have high hopes since last year was even worse.

In Ezcaray we are going to talk about nature, culture, adventure and sports and of course about gastronomy.


With them, we will first have to know the church of Santa María la Mayor, where we will have guides and guided tours that made our visit more enjoyable and thus the children will be able to learn a little as well as have fun and admire its beauty.


With children we have to do non-stop activities that is why we want to talk to you about the Via Verde del Oja, it is a great route that can be done hiking or can also be done by bike, an interesting topic since with the little ones, make life in bicycle has a plus, they will enjoy it more. Much of the journey we will do next to the river which will add a point of beauty and adventure to the plan.

For the little ones we can have a picnic at any point of this walk.

We should not miss the ski resort in summer, which takes on an adventurous life that has nothing to envy to winter. In Valdezcaray we can enjoy incredible bike routes as the snow gives way to some incredible bike paths.

Children prefer the bike to walk and for them it is much more fun and enjoyable, with them we will remember many paths of a simple level that is ideal for them. Also in this incredible landscape of rivers, forests and mountains, you will be able to see different animals.


If it is very hot we can always cool off in the pools that are when entering Ezcaray.

Finally, we cannot forget gastronomy, children also know how to enjoy it, supervised of course and by their parents. Precisely here at Casa Masip we know what little ones like. In our menu, children always bet on our tapas and portions such as ham croquettes or the delicious potato omelette with alegrías. Another classic of the little ones is the chicken breast with béchamel sauce. They are important to us and we also have dishes for them, although you may not believe that many older people also take it. We have exclusive dishes for children such as macaroni with chorizo ​​and tomato. On this day when the plan with our children will be the protagonist, we will be able to give value to our desserts, especially those chosen by the little ones. chocolate cake, orange pudding or rice pudding.

We are waiting for you at Casa Masip with your little ones so that everyone in the family has a great time without distinguishing between young and old