Typical products of Ezcaray

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Ezcaray is a very touristic town where you can buy many of the typical Riojan products, although today what we are going to focus on is the typical products of the Villa de Ezcaray.

There are several businesses that are dedicated to the artisan activity in this town. This is thanks to its location, since it is located in the Sierra de la Demanda and its natural resources.

Among the typical products of Ezcaray we highlight:
– Honey
– Came
– Typical Riojana boot
– cheeses
– liquors

Without any doubt we recommend visiting the Royal Factory of blankets, well known internationally. This business is passed down from generation to generation of the Valgañón family, who learn from children to knit wool. In addition not only you can see the product, but you can also visit the factory where you will learn many things and you can buy blankets and also scarves and shawls. She is currently well known for her famous Mohair blankets. What you can not imagine is that this factory produces for brands such as Loewe, Armani, etc.

If you come to Ezcaray you can not leave without taking pure and dense honey like honey “Uyarra”. Thanks to the rich floral diversity of the mountains of the Upper Valley of the Oja River where their hives settle. This way they get a dark honey with an amber hue and a subtle aroma and flavor. This heather honey is well known for its antiseptic, fortifying, diuretic and bactericidal properties, among other therapeutic applications.

Another delicacy to try is the Tondeluna cheeses made by hand with the milk of their own goats in the village of Tondeluna. Its flavor is soft, fresh and without acidity. You will also find cured cheese, semi-cured cheese and green cheese.

Embutidos Pisón has more than 30 years. Since then they have been specializing and selecting the best raw materials have achieved the success of our products. We have never forgotten the quality based on an artisanal preparation of our sausage as well as a rigorous curing process.

Another product of Ezcaray is the Ibaya artisanal liquors.Another product of Ezcaray is the Ibaya artisanal liquors.

Wine can never be missing if you talk about Ezcaray, so you can consume as much as you can buy a good wine from La Rioja.